We are certified eyelash professionals and experts who passionately started an eyelash salon, Lash Garden. 

The only goal for our salon is to enhance the wellbeing of our clients.


Our team believes that everybody deserves to feel great about their appearance as well as be healthier through the services at Lash Garden. We offer eyelash lift & tint and eyelash extensions services, Phuket, Thailand.


We actively search for the best products that are not only meet the highest safety standards but also offer health benefits to our clients.  ​


Let us take care of you today.

"Make Beauty Healthier"


Lash Garden only uses the highest-quality products that are safe for consumers. We actively search for innovations and techniques that provide health benefits for your eyelashes​.


Our team is lead by Miyuki Yajima, Lash Director. She is a North-America certified lash professional from Japan. With over 6 years of experience in the eyelash industry, she has an exceptional ability to create natural-looking for both eyelash extensions and eyelash lift services.


Our staff is trained to understand the service industry, the customer cares, and the work ethic & honesty. Lash Garden has customer service standards that differentiate our eyelash salon from others. It's the service that will make you smile every time you come in.


At Lash Garden, we believe in continuous improvement. This is the reason why we search for the best products and service practices. Each of your visit to Lash Garden will enhance the beauty as well as the health of your eyelashes.