Exclusive Booking

Due to the demand in our services, we have adopted an exclusive booking service ONLY.

At this moment, we only accept clients based on the following criteria:


Current Clients

Had used our service before

Living Room

Referred by Our Clients

Our client refer you to our services

Active Members

Actively engaged our online contents such as social media, but never had a service with us would be a special consideration.

Add Our LINE to make a booking


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Eyelash Lifting and Tint

Our Keratin Lash Infusion and YUMI lash lift services are keratin eyelash lash lift that can enhance your lash appearance and health.

Eyelash Extensions

We offer 3 types of lash extensions: classic lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, and volume lash extensions.

Eyelash Treatment

The ultimate salon exclusive eyelash care service by Pro Care.