Prevent & Protect

Lash Garden understands the importance of your safety coming to our salon for Keratin Lash Lift and Tint or Eyelash Extensions service. We take this opportunity to initiate a better safety and hygiene standards to ensure that our staff and customers will have a beautiful time before, during, and after coming to Lash Garden.

One Customer at a Time

We accept only 1 customer per service session. There will only be the customer, the lash technician, and a manager in our salon at most during any given time.

Start off Clean

All staff is to wash their hands at least once for 30 seconds before, between, and after each service. There is a hand-sanitizer installed for our client. All client’s belonging will be put away in a safe area to prevent any unnecessary contact with the surface.

Clean like a Pro

Lash Garden is known to have the highest cleanliness standard. All equipment and surface areas (eg. bedsheet, towel, doorknob, floor, washroom, etc.) are regularly changed or sanitized before and after every client.

Touchless Payment

While we accept cash payment, we do encourage our customers to pay for the service using QR code or bank transfer instead. Cash received will be put away and the person must sanitize their hands immediately.

Mask In and Out

We expect everyone inside the premise to wear a mask at all time.

Lash Garden reserves the right to reject any service if the customer comes to an appointment without a mask.