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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Not everyone likes to run back to an eyelash salon for eyelash extensions refill every couple of weeks. If you do, great! But if you don’t, read on because we are going to share with you simple eyelash extensions care techniques that will make them last longer.

1) Sleep facing up and don’t rub your eyes

We start off with something pretty obvious but it’s rather hard for many of our clients who have the habit of sleeping on their faces. Although, sleeping face down will prevent your from rubbing your eyes, but it’s not any better than rubbing your eyes against the pillow. Oh yes, since we mentioned, do not rub your eyes as well. These behaviors tend to happen subconsciously and often unnoticed.

2) Use ONLY eyelash extensions safe products

Yes, that’s right, not all product is friendly toward eyelash extensions. If possible, steer away from any facial oil-based products and water-proof mascara. Oil breakdowns the glue causing the extensions to fall off much quicker.

3) The magic of eyelash shampoo

The primary role of eyelash is in fact, to protect the eyes from dust and other small particles. So imagine with eyelash extensions, now you have a bigger net to collect those particles. It’s very important to keep them clean to prevent any build-up of dust on the eyelashes. We highly recommend using eyelash shampoo. Not only your eyelashes and eyes will be clean but also your eyelash extensions will last longer! Confirmed!

4) Be gentle when removing make-up

We advise removing make-up other areas except around the eyes first. Once the other areas are removed, then work on the eye by soaking the cotton pad and gently padding (not rubbing). Facenvy is one of many great cleanser and remover products that we highly recommend as it is eyelash extensions safe and gentle for your skin.

5) Apply eyelash extensions safe serum

Most, if not all, eyelash serum enhances your eyelashes’ health making them stronger, thicker, longer, etc. This is quite important when we talk about the retention of lash extensions. In short, eyelash extensions put weight on your natural lashes; if your natural lashes cannot hold the weight, then the extensions fall off. We recommend eyelash serum like Eyenvy that is lash extensions safe and super effective in growing and strengthening eyelashes.

There you have it, girls. Eyelash extensions do need love and care from its wearer. These simple eyelash extensions care tips will take less than 10 minutes a day from you, but your lash extensions could stay healthy and beautiful for an additional week or longer.