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Benefits of Eyelash Lifting and Lash Lifts Aftercare

There is no doubt that some of you may wonder why I should do eyelash lifting over the extensions that I love. While lash lifts may not be the answer for everyone especially those who love dramatic full-on lashes with Volume or Mega-volume extensions. However, lash lifting may be for you if you prefer a natural look. Not to mention that lash lifts also have many benefits that we will uncover some of them today. Follow me.

YUMI Lash Lifts

Low Maintenance

First and foremost, most of us are busy enough with our daily routine, what if you can take a routine away every morning that will save you time and headache? With lash lifts, you mostly do not need to do anything as it will stay beautiful like before you hit the bed. Also, with the right design that you like, then all those eye make-up is just not needed anymore.

Natural Enhancement

In fact, many of our clients love the natural look and do not want dramatic style. That’s when lash lifts come in handy. We do not add anything to your eyelashes and your eyelashes are amazing as they are. In some circumstances, we will recommend if lash lifting may not be the best option for our clients.


There are 2 amazing duration benefits; first, the duration lash lifts last and second, the duration of service. We select high quality products for our lash lifting service - we use YUMI Lash Lifts - it’s very well-known for the lash lifting result and its benefits to the lashes. You can expect up to 8 weeks of beautiful lifted lashes. Lash lifting is a 1:30 hours service, that’s shorter than any of the lash extensions service with us.

Lash Lifting Aftercare

  • Keep your eyelashes dry for at least 24 to 48 hours - this means no swimming, steaming, or romantic walking under the rain, also in the shower. We understand you need to shower, so we provide a lash guard for you so your lashes won’t get wet.

  • Take a break from pillow cuddling and kissing - as much as we love our pillows, we really suggest to take a break from rubbing your lashes against it, for 2 days at least.

  • Makeup and Eye Cream - though we won’t stop you from using them, best advice is to avoid near the eyes area. Stay clear from products that contain oil and parabens.

  • Mascara - we would feel a little sad if you have a reason to use mascara after the service, but if needed it should be oil-free mascara and apply only after 48 hours of the service.

That’s pretty much it, go be beautiful with one less thing to worry in the morning. We welcome any questions, talk to us today.