30ml. EMPTY Bottle | Nanosol CC by Nanozone Japan

30ml. EMPTY Bottle | Nanosol CC by Nanozone Japan

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Nanosol CC is a non-toxic sanitizer that can be used most surfaces. Once Nanosol CC exposed to light, Titanium Oxide (TiO2) will create a reaction that can deactivate and/or decompose active bacteria, viruses, pollen, fungus, and other microorganisms.


Please see below for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us!

  • How to use Nanosol CC?

    1. Shake the Nanosol Mist Spray bottle well.
    2. Hold the Nanosol Mist Spray bottle away from the surface about 30cm.
    3. Spray the Nanosol CC on the surface.
    4. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth if needed.

    Nanosol CC will work best when exposed to light (eg. sunlight, LED light, room light, etc.).

  • Nanosol CC Care Instruction

    • DO NOT store Nanosol CC in a dark place (no access to light; eg. inside a cupboard, wardrobe, box, drawer, etc.)
    • DO NOT store Nanosol CC in high humidity places, such as inside the washroom.

    Nanosol CC will be functional and active as long as it exposed to some light. Dark or moist places may decrease the effectiveness of the Nanosol CC.

  • Where can I use Nanosol CC?

    The main ingredients of Nanosol CC are water, edible ethanol (<5%), and Titanium Oxide (TiO2). Therefore, Nanosol CC is 100% safe for human skin. From experiments here are some examples of Nanosol CC usage and its effect:

    • Human skin 1 Day
    • Cutting Board 1 Month
    • Clothing 30 Washes
    • Curtain 1 Year